Painful Breast Introduction

Painful Breast Introduction Painful breast is considered as pain in the breast, scientifically called mastalgia. When painful breast is closely related to menstruation, it is called mastodynia. Painful breast is a very common symptom. About 60% of women have some degree of mastalgia, but few consider this symptom important enough to seek medical help. The… Read More »

What is Hematology and what is the role of the hematologist?

What is Hematology and what is the role of the hematologist? What is Hematology? When they ask you what you do and you answer that you are a hematologist, that your specialty is Hematology, people associate it with analyzes, with clinical analyzes, but they are two very different specialties. The Clinical Analysis specialist carries out… Read More »

What is Oncology?

What is Oncology? Oncology is the medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of tumors. Its name comes from the Greek oncos (tumor) and logos (treatise or science). What is the base of Oncology? Oncology as a specialty reached a great development at the end of the second half of the last century, as… Read More »


Mammography is the radiological technique dedicated to the study of the breast. It is the basic and essential imaging method in the diagnosis of breast pathology, and the only one recognized as a screening technique for breast cancer, allowing its early detection, and the only one that has shown a reduction in cancer mortality rates.… Read More »

Breast cancer: Symptoms causes and treatment Us

Breast cancer: Symptoms, causes, and treatment Us The breast is made up sections called lobes. Each lobe is divided into simpler sections named, lobules. The lobules contain the glands responsible for producing milk during lactation.Mammography Milk flows from the lobule to the nipple through tubes called ducts. The space between the lobules and the ducts… Read More »

Skillshare – Flash Fiction Tutorials Free Download 6 in 1

About This Class A flash fiction is a super small short story. They’re a fun, challenging form to write—great for beginners to learn with and fun for experienced writers who are looking to try something new! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: What is flash fiction? A flash fiction falls between a short story and a poem. Hannah explains the characteristics and… Read More »

Creative Writing Bootcamp FREE DOWNLOAD

About This Class Kick your writing into high gear with this fun, energetic class designed to answer the ever-present question for writers everywhere: What should I write about next? Best-selling author Myla Goldberg (Feast Your Eyes, Bee Season) is here to help you find the idea that will become your next story (and the idea… Read More »

JavaScript Promises: The Complete Guide [ FREE ]

Everything you need to know about Promises in JavaScript What you’ll learn Learn everything about Promises in JavaScript Working with multiple asynchronous operations simultaneously Real world examples of using Promises Error handling when using Promises Github repository with the source code Writing unit tests for Promises Improve your knowledge of Asynchronous JavaScript Using Fetch API… Read More »

Data Structures and Algorithms In C [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Data Structures and Algorithms in C Using Algorithms/Recursion/Data Structures/with Linked List/Design/Analysis/Sorting What you’ll learn Understand the details of Data Structures and algorithms through animations Learn to write programs for different Data Structures and Algorithms in C language Get the confidence to face programming interviews Test your knowledge with over 100 Quiz questions Learn how to… Read More »

[FREE] Microservices: Designing Highly Scalable Systems

Learn how to design robust, highly-scalable, loosely coupled services What you’ll learn The core principles of microservices Microservices benefits and anti-patterns The building blocks of a microservices architecture Client-to-microservice communication through an API gateway Event-driven communication using an event-bus How to secure microservices How to manage data in a microservices-based system How distributed transactions work… Read More »