Safe yourself from Cyber Crime

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After the Twitter account of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party has been hacked, a question arises for everyone how to protect their social media account.
While keeping the password, keep in mind that it is very difficult for the hackers to find it.

How to safe from
Some people use online password-making service or password manager for their social media account.By using options like Last Password Manager, 1 Password Manager, Dash lane 1 Password Manager, True Key, your password remains such that it is always secure.

On such a website, you have the option to create passwords from a computer instead of keeping them yourself, so it is very difficult to detect them.

A different password is generated every time you log in, so it is difficult to detect.Before downloading anything on the smartphone, do check it out once. Therefore, prevent such videos or pictures from being downloaded by changing your mobile data settings.

Sometimes unknown people on WhatsApp send you attachments that could be a virus that could steal your information.
Some people also have a habit of not logging social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram from their device.Other apps will not be able to steal your social media information by using platforms like Hoot suite or Prosocial.

Office email should not be used for your social media. It is not possible that some sensitive information from the email of the office reaches someone else.

Some people also recommend downloading anti-virus software on mobile. Many such apps are highly liked on the Google Play Store.

Trying all these will be useless if you do not set your privacy settings according to your needs. All services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest allow changes in privacy settings that make it difficult for anyone to access your account.

With this you can decide who can see your posts and photos, but the purpose of an account like Rahul Gandhi and Congress is to reach as many people as possible, so they cannot put a lot of security restriction.

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