Smartphone tricks that only smart people knows

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Most of you will have a smartphone and you will also use it a lot. You will be watching videos, playing games on your smartphone, but there will be many of you who will know about some amazing features of the smartphone. These Features are more common features which present in every smartphone, its not a brand specified features, So every smartphone user use these feature without any errors and doubts. I hope you guys like that tricks.
Today we are going to tell you five such smartphone tricks that only smart people know. So let’s see how smart you are.
  • Automatic silent mode
  • Keep phone unlocked at home
  • Photo-video backup
  • Automatic response during driving
  • Where did you spend so much time
You can also set the smartphone that the phone will automatically go into silent mode when visiting places like cinema hall, library. For its setting, activate it by going to Sound settings in Android phone settings and setting in Do not disturb. This feature works with the help of Google Maps and Google Calendar. Follow these steps for settings on the iPhone. Settings> Do Not Disturb> Scheduled toggle switch
If you want your phone to be unlocked while you are at home, for this, you should go to the Settings of Security and Location in the Settings of the phone and click on the Smart lock. Then set the Trusted Places and enter the location of the house. After this, your phone will remain unlocked when you are at home.
There is a problem with the photo, for this, there is a Google Photos app on both the iPhone and Android platforms. With its help, you can save all your photos and videos to the cloud. For this, go to the Settings of Google Photos app and turn on the backup. You will get 15 GB of storage free on Google Cloud. After this, if you want more space, then you can buy 100 GB of storage by spending 2 dollars every month. Apart from Google Photos, you can also try iCloud Photo Library for iPhone.
Your smartphone can detect that you are driving. During driving, you can set the message according to yourself so that if you make a call, you get a reply and you continue driving without being disturbed. You can also set its settings in  Do Not Disturb settings of the iPhone, while if you are an Android user, then you will have to download Google’s Android Auto app from the Play Store and go to Settings and turn on Auto-launch.
It is certain that the phone will be with you wherever you go. In such a situation, if you want that how long you have been in office, how much time you spent in the gym, how long you have done marketing, then for this you can download the IFTTT app. After sign up, you have to make some settings, after that you will have a complete list of how much time you spent on it.

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