Fix battery and Hang problem in smartphone

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Increase smartphone battery backup:

  1. Cause of battery Draing

The data you use on smartphones is also used silently by advertising companies.
Battery consumption was found to be 50 per cent higher with no ad blocking software.
Many people using smartphones say that their batteries do not last all day. But sometimes changing the way your phone is used improves the condition of your battery. Companies that advertise silently also use the data you use on smartphones.

  1. Whenever you download an app for free, the advertisements that accompany it also have to be seen. These ads, which are downloaded to the smartphone using your data.
  2. As the number of advertisements on smartphones is increasing, ad blocking software is becoming more and more popular among people.
  3. If you download the app to block ads, your data expenditure will also be reduced and the battery of the smartphone will also run more than before.

2. How to save battery

According to this report by The Wire cutter, you can save a lot of battery by using ad blocking software.
This report monitored the condition of the battery before and after downloading such software on Android and iPhone. If you spend a lot of time on your mobile, then such software can increase battery life.
Battery consumption was found to be 50% higher than without ad blocking software.
There is a lot of debate in the online world nowadays on ad blocking apps. Whatever good content is, they will not earn money from advertisers, if you block their ads on smartphone.
That is why you have to ‘whitelist’ such website or link it to the website of your choice so that it does not block ads.

Fix Lag / Hang problem in smartphone

  1. First stop the applications running in the background. By doing this, the phone’s RAM gets little space. Even if you do not make it, then try to switch off your phone. If that switch goes off, then the save data in your phone will be safe.
  2. After the switch is off, open the back panel of the phone and take out the battery from it. There is no need to remove SIM and memory card.
  3. After removing the battery, once again switch off the power button given in the phone for 5 to 10 seconds, this will end the battery power saved in the phone.
  4. Now put the battery in the phone again and put it on the back cover. By doing this, the phone returns to the operating state. After turning on the phone, it will not hang again.
  5. If this problem still persists, you should clear the internal memory of your phone a little, as well as delete the cash files. Because sometimes the handset starts to hang even when the internal memory of the phone is full.

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