These popular games can be played in a smartphone without internet


In this digital world, without internet we all feel incomplete. These days, the way Internet service has been banned in many cities of the country, people are facing a lot of trouble. Without internet, users are neither able to access social media nor are able to talk to their friends and acquaintances. Not only this, they are able to enjoy any kind of online video streaming service without internet. In such a situation, users are not able to find any means for entertainment. Today we are going to tell you about such popular games, which you can play in offline mode and entertain yourself.

Temple run

Launched about 7 years ago, this game has been very popular. The game was played by smartphone users during 2012-13. The special feature of this game was that users can play it online as well as offline mode. This game is still available on the Google Play Store. If you also want to entertain yourself without internet, then you can play this game on your smartphone. However, you will need internet to download the game.

Angry Birds

You can also play this popular game designed by Rovio in off-line mode. This game has also been very popular during 2012-13. Recently the next version of this game Angry Birds 2 has also been launched. You do not need internet connectivity to play this game. You can also play the game offline. However, you can connect it to your social media platform to update rankings. Internet connectivity is also required to download this game.

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Candy Crush Saga

This game has also been very popular during 2013-14. Users can play this game offline too. You do not need any internet connectivity to play this game too. However, just like Angry Birds, in order to update the ranking of this game on social media, you have to link it to social media via the Internet. At the same time, you will need active internet connectivity to download the game.

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