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Skillshare – Flash Fiction Tutorials Free Download 6 in 1

About This Class A flash fiction is a super small short story. They’re a fun, challenging form to write—great for beginners to learn with and fun for experienced writers who are looking to try something new! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: What is flash fiction? A flash fiction falls between a short story and a poem. Hannah explains the characteristics and… Read More »

JavaScript Promises: The Complete Guide [ FREE ]

Everything you need to know about Promises in JavaScript What you’ll learn Learn everything about Promises in JavaScript Working with multiple asynchronous operations simultaneously Real world examples of using Promises Error handling when using Promises Github repository with the source code Writing unit tests for Promises Improve your knowledge of Asynchronous JavaScript Using Fetch API… Read More »

Data Structures and Algorithms In C [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Data Structures and Algorithms in C Using Algorithms/Recursion/Data Structures/with Linked List/Design/Analysis/Sorting What you’ll learn Understand the details of Data Structures and algorithms through animations Learn to write programs for different Data Structures and Algorithms in C language Get the confidence to face programming interviews Test your knowledge with over 100 Quiz questions Learn how to… Read More »

[FREE] Microservices: Designing Highly Scalable Systems

Learn how to design robust, highly-scalable, loosely coupled services What you’ll learn The core principles of microservices Microservices benefits and anti-patterns The building blocks of a microservices architecture Client-to-microservice communication through an API gateway Event-driven communication using an event-bus How to secure microservices How to manage data in a microservices-based system How distributed transactions work… Read More »

[FREE] Learn OAuth 2.0 – Get started as an API Security Expert

Just imagine what could happen to YOUR professional career if you had skills in OAuth | > 8500 satisfied students What you’ll learn Use OAuth to access Google, Paypal, LinkedIn and Facebook APIs Use OAuth in Mobile Apps (client-side). Use OAuth to protect your APIs and Cloud Solutions Apply OAuth Best Practices. Choose the correct… Read More »

[FREE] Learn DevOps: CI/CD with Jenkins using Pipelines and Docker

Use Jenkins the DevOps way. Automate your Jenkins jobs by using Jenkins Pipelines, Docker, and the Jenkins Job DSL What you’ll learn Use Jenkins to perform Continuous Integration within your Software Development Lifecycle Install Jenkins using docker Configure Jenkins “The DevOps way”, using Docker, Jobs DSL and Jenkins Pipelines Use plugins to integrate Jenkins with… Read More »

Honor 30 camera specification, feature leaked

Chinese brand manufacturer Huawei’s all brand Honor is about to launch Honor 30 and 30 Pro under its next flagship smartphone series. New leaks have emerged about this smartphone series. According to the information about the camera feature of Honor 30, a 50MP Sony IMX700 camera sensor can be used on the phone. According to… Read More »

Lava Pay payment app launched. Pay without the internet?

Users will be able to make online payment even without internet, Lava Pay payment app launched India is becoming very strong digitally. Users are moving fast towards online transactions. But till now only smartphone users were able to do online transactions. But now the mobile manufacturer LAVA has launched a new payment app for feature… Read More »

The Complete 2020 flutter and dart Tutorial | Udemy

Officially created in collaboration with the Google Flutter team. The complete 2020 flutter development Bootcamp with dart udemy free download. What you’ll learn Build beautiful, fast and native-quality apps with Flutter Become a fully-fledged Flutter developer Build iOS and Android apps with just one codebase Build iOS and Android apps using just one programming language… Read More »